Monday, December 10, 2018

♡Santa Claus Is Coming Town!♡

As you can tell, Christmas is just down the block and we all have our own traditions. I created a google drawing/poster about what my family and I do on Christmas. Christmas is the busiest holiday of the year, but Christmas to me is a important holiday of the year. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus and the day he was born. So here is my poster of what my family and I do on Christmas day. I hope you like it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

EOTC Week Reflection! (:

Today I'll be talking about EOTC week with the year 8's. I only went for one day, but it was really fun to participate in outdoor activities. So, on the 24th of November we went to Omaka Scout Camp with the year 8's and it was so much fun! It was very poor weather when we got their so we couldn't do any water activities. We all got split into groups for different kind of activities. 

The first one that my group did was fire building. The group had to collect 3 pieces of dry wood for the fire. Since it was raining, it was difficult to find dry would but eventually we ending up with a huge pile of dry wood. We also got to make a shelter and roast marshmallows in the fire. It was my first time roasting a marshmallow and it was delicious. 

The next activity was archery. Their were 3 targets and 3 bows. Our aim was to get a bulls-eye in the target. The bulls-eye was the dot in the centre of the target. I did not get one, but I'm proud of myself for giving it ago anyway.

The 3rd activity was doing slack lining. It's basically a rubber strong band tied between 2 trees and we had to try and walk across it. I was really nervous for this one because, I was thinking to much about falling and hurting myself. Luckily our group was split into 3's so we could have assistance while walking across. My heart went crazy, but when we finished that activity I realised I had a lot of fun and I didn't have a scratch on me. 

Our last activity was orienteering. I would say this was my least favourite activity because, it involved maths and breaking a code which is not what I'm really into. Overall, the day was super great and I had so much fun with my friends! I hope one day I can do this again with my family over the holidays!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Musical Theatre, Bugsy Malone - Improvements?♫♫♫

Lately this term, we have been doing Passion Projects. This is to help out on what your passion it is in the future. For passion projects I am doing Musical Theatre. In musical theatre, we are doing Bugsy Malone. This musical is based in the 1920's in New York. For this musical I have a lead role and her name is Tallulah. 

Today, we went through the whole number and there were a few mistakes that I made when I was acting out Tallulah. I had to question myself what I was having trouble with. For example, in every scene that Tallulah is in, which entrance does she comes in? Or which exit does she go out?

Here is what I really enjoyed through the number. I enjoyed the finale song of the musical which is where all the characters become friends and we all huddled in together like we we are one big happy family. I really enjoyed doing the slow-mo at the start of the finale song which was so much fun! I also really enjoy being Tallulah because, her character is very sassy, diva-ish and so much fun to be as!

Highlight Of This Year - Voices Of Soul!♥️

Today in class, we got to talk about our favourite memory of this year or what our highlight was this year. We had to explain why that was our favourite memory or highlight. This is where we could share our personal experience this year. Here is my favourite memory of this year!

The highlight for me this year would be Voices Of Soul. Honestly, voices of soul has helped me gain my confidence through my passion of music. One of my favourite memories of being apart of voices of soul was when, we got an opportunity to go to The Voices Festival and perform 2 songs there. Going to the festival helped me make new friends with some of the year 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13's. We were even the best choir through the whole festival! It was such an amazing experience for me and I will never forget it. Voices of soul is like my musical family that I will always cherish. I don't think there would be any other highlight from this year that could top this one!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Definition Of Maori Words!

Today is the last day to finish off the rest of our EOTC week challenges. I have finished 3 and this would be my last challenge. This challenge is more about the heritage, Maori, and to know more about the Marae that the year 8's will be going to next week on Tuesday. For this challenge, we have to define the vocabulary words that are down below, with full sentences. We also got to use a website to help us with this challenge. Here is what I have done and the website I have used to help me.


A waiata is a special song that brings a community or a family together and that can welcome people in the marae.


A powhiri is a word to welcome people from other schools, other countries or a new family member in the marae. It basically means a welcoming ceremony with dancing, singing and a couple of speech's from important people.


A kairanga is a women that is a caller of a group. The caller of the group is more appropriate for an adult women since they are more sensible for the job.


Rangatahi is like a quote which is "Our young people are the leaders for tomorrow". What I think it means is that the kids are the legacy of their marae.


A kaikoreo is a male adult that says a speech to the people. This role is more appropriate for a male adult and not for a female adult. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Writing - Tala and I.

Today in writing, 8Bh had to watch a music video called Happier. There were 2 main characters in the music video which was a girl and a golden retriever. We had to write a background story about the video and write like we were the girl or the golden retriever. I thought this task was fun because, we got to be creative and be someone else when writing the background story. I liked this task very much and it was really fun to do! Here is what I have done so far:

Tala and I.

Today, I am having a birthday party and all I can feel right now is anxiety. Kids running around and parents chatting. One of my family members was putting down my cake in front of me. It looked so I delicious I could almost eat it! I was about to blow out my candles, but some other kid blew them out for me. I teared up. Not everyone liked me. My uncle gave me a box with a yellow bow in it, but it didn't seem it was for me. I put the bow on the table. When I looked up, my sadness disappeared and my happiness took over my whole body! My uncle was walking towards me with the most adorable golden retriever in his arms! The golden retriever was in my arms at last. I called her Tala, which means gold. My uncle measured Tala and I was against the wall, so I could remember how tall she was when I first met her. 

Many years after, I grew up as a teenager. High school wasn't very easy for me. It was hard to make friends and it was hard to be happy. One day, Rachel and Lani was picking which girl would be on their soccer team. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Letter To Emma - If I Won $50 In The Summer Learning Journey!

Dear, Emma:

My name is Faith. I am a Samoan and I go to Hornby High School (HHS). I love doing blogging and currently 8Ts and 8Bh are starting to do the Summer Learning Journey 2018. I have heard that this could improve other students in their own learning and how it will give them top marks in school. I have also heard that the top 3 best bloggers through the Uru Manuka cluster would get a prize of $50 in the Summer Learning Journey 2018. If I won, I would use that money to help out with my teeth treatment. I am getting braces next year and the cost of it is very expensive. So, I would like to help myself and my parents by spending the money through my treatment. I hope the Summer Learning Journey goes well for all students!

Yours Sincerely, Faith.